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Holiday Drabbles, HP set

First set of holiday drabbles, in thanks for the snowflake v-gifts! I decided to do all the HP ones first, and tomorrow or soon I'll tackle the other fandoms. They're all rated about, oh, R.

For cluegirl: Remus/Lucius, St. Andrew's Cross

The werewolf. After all this, to have escaped every wandblast of the aurors and the Dark Lord's meagre forgiveness, to end up at the mercy of the Merlin-cursed werewolf. Lucius bared his teeth around the gag and snarled at the filthy creature, wrenching once more at his restraints.

"I don't think you're going to get out of those," said Lupin pleasantly. "I'm very good with holding spells. I've had to be, since I've used them on myself during a full moon when Wolfsbane wasn't available." He rubbed his chin as he surveyed Lucius. "Granted, I never put myself in quite this position."

This time Lucius's movement was nothing so dignified as a wrench; he squirmed under Lupin's eyes, naked as he was, bound wrists and waist and ankles to the X-shaped cross. The air in the stone chamber was frigid, and Lupin himself was clad only in trousers, but did not seem affected by the cold at all.

Lupin turned from his disgusting leering to look instead at the table at his right. The instruments upon it were black in this dim light, suggesting iron, but many of them appeared to have points. Lucius imagined some of the dark stains on the table's wood were blood.

Lupin selected something; it had a handle, and as he lifted it, chains swung from one end. A flail.

"It's a story," Lupin said as he turned back to Lucius's bound form, "that St. Andrew was martyred upon a cross like this, because he didn't feel himself worthy to be crucified on the same shape as his Christ. Of course, it's just a story." Lupin swung the flail experimentally. "The Romans were hardly likely to honor such a request. No, St. Andrew didn't die upon a cross like this. He only wished he had." He took another step closer, and smiled. "I plan to make you wish the same thing, Malfoy."

The gag muffled Lucius's first scream.

For christwise: Regulus/Remus, hair

Sirius caught him at the statue of the humpbacked witch. Sirius was always that predictable.

When Sirius broke the kiss, Remus murmured, "I don't know that we should meet here any longer. We might be seen."

Sirius frowned. "Why are you worried about that now? It's never mattered before."

Remus struggled to find a reason Sirius would believe. It was very important Sirius not become suspicious. "I'm just thinking we should be more careful. As a rule." Which was true. He did need to be careful. Very, very careful.

"Hm." Sirius still had one arm about him. "Possibly. I always let you do the worrying for me; I guess I should listen to you once in a while. Here, I'll start with this." He lifted a hand and picked a long strand of black hair off Remus's shoulder. "I managed to drip hair on you already. I really will try and be more careful." His grin was dazzling.

Remus hoped his returning smile did not look strained. He really would have to be more careful.

It was just fortunate for him that both Black brothers had the same color hair.

For ella_bane: Draco/Hermione, potion

"What did you put in it?"

Draco stared. He'd wanted to do this for years. Humiliating the Mudblood. Taking her down a peg for not knowing her place. Now he had the perfect means, and it was working beautifully. He just hadn't realized the Granger chit would look

"Tell me!" she cried in a demand that was half-wail, half-whimper. Fuck. Draco watched her tugging at the hem of her skirt, fighting not to lift it, not to let her hands move between her own thighs and try to satisfy the need she'd poured, in liquid form, down her throat not an hour ago. Brewing the Elixir of Nine Excruciating Lusts had taken him two months, but, oh, it had been worth it.

He just hadn't expected her to look like this, suffering it.

He found himself taking an involuntary step forward. "I'll tell you if you want, Granger." It was the first time he'd spoken her name instead of the epithet in...he couldn't remember how long. "I'll tell you if you do something for me first."

"No," she said, but she hadn't moved.

He went on as if she hadn't said it. "Stand still and put your hands at your sides."

This was what she was already doing, so when he went to his knees in front of her, there really wasn't anything she could do about it, could she. His hands went under her skirt, slipped between her thighs and found the soaked material of her knickers. She whimpered again.

"I'll tell you in a bit," he breathed. "Don't move."

Other than her trembling, she didn't. She continued to whimper throughout, and cursed him multiple times even as her cries built, but that was all just business, really. Draco decided he wouldn't hold it against her.

For the_flic, accioslash, and persephone_blue: Snape/Harry, Detention Served universe

The detentions became more creative. Snape decided that as the boy aged, he would need to learn to adapt to greater challenges.

The first time he was told to strip, the boy balked, but it did not take threats to make him comply. The memory of his previous detentions was enough to make him understand that his professor was quite serious, and that he would not be allowed to leave until he did as he was told. Snape forced him to stand at attention on the cold stone floor for the full three hours, and considered it sufficient for that particular day.

It escalated, of course. The next time it was not enough for him to endure only the cold and the posture. Snape made sure the clamps bit him in strategic places, but gave him relief from them at least once an hour. Which didn't make it easier when they went back on.

At the next session, he was fitted with the clamps and also ringed. Once again the boy endured every minute of the torment, but with such trembling limbs and anguished gasps that he pushed himself into Snape's hands the minute the torture stopped, and Snape, of course, did not mind rubbing some feeling back into the boy's smarting flesh, soothing the sore places, giving him relief that went beyond soothing, and holding him as he panted out his release.

When Harry entered the next time and saw the plug waiting for him on the table, he fixed Snape with a look that was no longer defiance, but challenge...and began to undress before being told.

Snape decided then that he would take the next detention into his bedroom. The boy did deserve a bit of a reward for being so adaptable.

For ll24ever: Remus/Sirius/Harry, ribbons

"Remus? There's a gift bow upon the bottom stair."

Remus didn't look up. "Did I drop it? I was wrapping the Christmas presents earlier."

Sirius's voice sounded strange. "If you don't know about it already,, I don't think so. Come see."

Remus rose. Joining Sirius at the foot of the stairs, he looked, then gave Sirius an odd stare. "Sirius, there are bows on every stair."

Sirius hadn't looked away. "I noticed. That's why I thought you should come look." Slowly he turned his head to meet Remus's eyes.

"Harry," they chorused.

Together they ascended the staircase. The bows led from the top of the stairs to their shared bedroom, and they followed them to the bow-bedecked door.

Sirius gave the closed door an uncertain tap. "Harry?" He opened it. Despite Harry's intent, Remus found himself chuckling in fond amusement as the sight inside was revealed. It was alluring as fuck, but it was also terribly sweet of the boy.

"Happy Christmas," Harry said from the bed, not even having the coyness to blush.

Sirius's chuckle matched Remus's. "That's an awful lot of ribbon, Harry, love."

From the bed, Harry, naked but for the ribbons and bows, shrugged a shoulder. "Well, I reckon, the two of you already get me any day you like. If I want to make a present of it it should look special, at the least."

"Christmas gets better every year," Sirius said, moving into the room and already pulling off his shirt. Remus, following, certainly couldn't argue.
Tags: fic, slash
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