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New original fiction: Muscle Memory (explicit sex, non-con, m/m)

Chapter One of my new novel-in-progress, Muscle Memory, is up at SL Publishing.

Silver Forest is only a village, but it's large enough for someone like Shory to blend in, even fit in. He's just another young man scraping out a commoner's living, fair-faced but otherwise unremarkable. No one questions him; he has a home, and he has friends. Shory couldn't be more grateful for his simple life.

And then the men that Shory calls friends learn why he works so hard to go unnoticed. Shory has a past, a notorious one. His past is fascinating to them, fascinating enough to make them forget that Shory ever had the rights of another human creature.

As Shory sinks deeper and deeper into the abuse at their hands, as his friends sink deeper into their depravities, this kind of cruelty can't be kept secret for long. Soon Shory learns that even the simple folk of Silver Forest cannot resist the temptations of a man in their midst who is conditioned to please, to obey. And Shory wonders if any one of them could muster a scrap of human decency and help him escape.

The first chapter of Muscle Memory is available to read for free; all stories on SL Publishing feature the first four chapters of each story free for reading, with further chapters available if subscriptions are purchased.

Go here to read Muscle Memory, Chapter One, free of charge!
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