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Original fiction: Muscle Memory, Chapter Three

Chapter Three of Muscle Memory is up at SL Publishing.

Shory found himself standing almost against Arix's chest, his bound wrists between them, Arix's grip on the tongue end of the belt secure as upon a leash.

"That'll take care of you," Arix said. "Feeling familiar? Like something you've come home to?"

"You couldn't do this," Shory got out. "You couldn't do this if you knew--what it was like--" Shory turned his head away, unable to keep looking at Arix's face.

The fingers of Arix's other hand returned to Shory's jaw, forced him back. "I asked you what it was like. You had your chance to tell me." His fingertips on Shory's cheek were perversely gentle. "Now I'm going to do a little finding out of my own."

All stories on SL Publishing feature the first four chapters of each story free for reading, with further chapters available if subscriptions are purchased.

Go here to read Muscle Memory, Chapter Three!
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