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Doctor Who season ender.

Thoughts on the Doctor Who season finale, "The Big Bang."

Thought when the title said, "1,894 years later...": But I don't want the Doctor to be 2700 years old now, you can't mess with him like that! (Later thought: Oh, good, he's not.)

Thought on Amy's tutor/guardians being upset over her drawing stars: Are today's parents upset when their kids draw mermaids and dragons?

Thought on Amy finding her older self in the Pandorica, and the line, "Okay, now this is where it gets complicated," as the last line before the credits: Now I know why I love both Moffat and Whedon when they're having good days--they write just like each other.

Thought on the change in tone from the shockingly grim conclusion of the last episode to levity and hijinks: Why did this work so well but the same tactic in Deathly Hallows was utter crud?

Thought on Dalek firepower: That is one tough satellite dish.

Thought on seeing this is threatening to turn into a mindwipe finale: I hate mindwipes like I cannot even express. They are my phobia. Pull this one out of the fire, Moffat.

Random "Why am I thinking about this now?" thought: Who brushes their teeth with their tie on? You'll get little white flecks all over it!

Thought on the tear splashing on the book: You can call it "Tinkerbell magic" all you want, haters--I love this kind of thing.

Thought on Amy crawling over the table to get to the TARDIS: The TARDIS manifesting was a great moment, but still not as great as that.

Nearly last thought: So is the book full of spoilers again OH YES THEY DIDN'T FORGET TO ANSWER THAT!

Final thought regarding all the fans who actually 'ship the Doctor with his companions, unlike me, who am old school and still think of the Doctor as asexual: ...Okay, you got me there. They are definitely in a threesome.

What a lovely season arc and arc-ender. Truth? While I still think of all the Doctor incarnations as the same character and dislike fights over that issue, I find I liked Eccleston's and Tennant's Doctors better than Smith's, but that's because I have a thing for the deep-drama-with-panic moments that Nine and Ten could manifest. Eleven just refuses to seriously panic, ever, and it makes him less vulnerable for me. I need a little vulnerable once in a while. But he's the Doctor all the same.

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