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Original fiction: Muscle Memory, Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten of Muscle Memory (free chapters available here) is up at SL Publishing.

Rishi lifted his head quickly; his eyes darted back and forth between Shory's and Arix's. "I'm not going to command you," he protested.

"Of course you're not." Arix leaned forward in his chair. "But Shory's not used to asking for what he wants. So you have to do it for him." Arix was speaking to Rishi, but his eyes reminded on Shory's. Now they narrowed. "You're going to have to take care of Shory, here, since he won't ask for it. He knows you want to, though. And he wants you to enjoy yourself while you're doing it, because that makes it easier on you, he knows that. Right, Shory?"


"I don't--" Rishi began.

"Of course you do," Arix interrupted him. "Start with the bed."

All stories on SL Publishing feature the first four chapters of each story free for reading, with further chapters available if subscriptions are purchased.

Go here to read Muscle Memory, Chapter Ten!
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