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Kuroshitsuji II season opener, broader post

Having finally seen the first Kuroshitsuji II episode:

I'm already loving it. I've watched the episode four times. This doesn't mean that the ending of the first series is negated for me; it isn't. As I said, I lived with that story, complete, for 15 months and I loved it and wept over it. It was a gorgeous ending. That's one story. This series is another, an AU, a reboot, something that doesn't change the idea that that series ended and that this is a different story. Somehow I am at peace with that, I could have been angry, but somehow the creators anticipated how to temper that kind of anger with their grand deception. As if to say, not, "Aha, we fooled you," but, "We respected our ending, and your reaction to it, because that is the ending we wanted you to feel." It worked for me. (Also: I just went and read the manga's creator's blog on the subject. Yup, she gets how terribly important that ending was.)

DARK DARK DARK how I love you, dark anime. Alois is insane and I love him to death already. I'd cosplay him tomorrow. Let's be honest--from the teaser opening, featuring naked bruised rising-from-the-occupied-bed Alois, I was instantly in love with this show. I guess they decided pretty quickly that the fans adored the Sebastian/Ciel fanservice so much in the last series that there was no need to be coy or get off to a subtle start with their new characters, didn't they? I want to know if he was insane before he made the contract--we have no idea if he was the abused or the abuser in that bed, do we?

I didn't think Claude was hot in the stills/promos but now that I've seen this episode, I do think so. I 'ship him with Sebastian, at least in a "these guys totally had a thing in their past at some point" way. Didn't Sebastian say something about Claude being a cruder copy of himself? They totally have history. I'm compelled to 'ship Ciel/Alois but I'm pretty sure they'd fight so much for dominance the mansion would burn down. Again.

I will laugh my head off, and then be a bit sad, if the opening titles change with the next episode. 'Cos they're gorgeous and that song is addictive.

Yes, I already upgraded my "eye rape" icon.

I love the silent triplets. I don't care if they never say a word that we can hear. I'm hoping all of the staff in Alois's mansion are demons, myself.

I still cringe at the tap dance. But not at the tango. I may have done that little tango across the room this morning. May have.

(Did you guys see the explosion of icons and macros that have arrived as a result of just this one episode? Holy crap. I've already made a couple, too. Must think of Alois captions.)

And then the preview LIZZY NO NO NO. I guess there's only one solution--I have crossed the line on a kink I never thought I'd want and I'm already fantasizing Alois/Lizzie guro. BECAUSE IT'S LIZZY.

Have decided Claude's catchphrase pun should be translated into English as, "My greatest desire is to...serve my master." The ONNA PLATE doesn't need to be spoken, does it.
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