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Infinitus/Universal Studios TripTips and Observations, next bit

Tips/observations for Universal Studios, day 2: Islands of Adventure, pt 2

-Butterbeer is DELICIOUS. I had it unfrozen, fabularasa had it frozen, and we both pronounced it fantastic. (Actually, she says the frozen one wipes the floor with any other food substance ever created.) I adored the creamy sweet topping and can't imagine it without. I would suggest drinking Butterbeer when you're in the mood for a milkshake and Pumpkin Juice when you want something more fruity and refreshing.

-Going to the Three Broomsticks at dinner time in the hopes of avoiding lines was a wise choice; there was no wait at all. The food was fine; fabularasa recommends the fish and chips and I thought the shepherd's pie was decent, but the real draw is the atmosphere. What a remarkable recreation. You feel like you're on a film set; I expected to look at the next table and see Lupin in his ratty cardigan.

-The Cat in the Hat ride has turned Thing 1 and Thing 2 from deep-throated, sexy basso profundos to castrati. For shame.
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