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FICLET: In Pari Delicto (Kuroshitsuji; Ciel/Alois, Sebastian, Claude. NC-17, ~1400 words)

Because everyone who's seen the last Kuroshitsuji episode is having wonderfully filthy thoughts. (Don't believe me? Check out all the hot animation over in this post. YES, that's all from the same episode.)

In Pari Delicto
Fandom: Kuroshitsuji
Summary: All sides of the contract reach their end. (The Dirty Version.)
Characters: Ciel/Alois, Sebastian, Claude
Rating: NC-17
Words: ~1400
All characters are fictional and thus have no age. Spoilers up to series 2, episode 6.

"Harder, you twisted little bastard!"

Behind him, the Earl of Trancy whimpered, clutched at Ciel's shoulders with his nails as he tried to obey. "Oh--Ciel, I--"

Ciel felt his snarl deepen. "If you dare," he said, shifting backwards so that the angle gained Alois a fraction of depth, oh, there, "if you even think about coming before I do, I'll gut you."

Not that he wouldn't after this was over. He still hadn't decided about that.

He could hear Alois grinding his teeth in his struggle to comply. The deranged little terror might be on top, but there was still no question which of them was in charge. There had better not have been.

Ciel spread his legs further, allowing his aching tumescence to press against the bed's surface. He needed some degree of relief, though he had no wish to make it easier for Alois to satisfy him--not after every damned minute of this asinine conflict Alois had begun. Perverse wagers, rigged fox hunts, sham duels, all with the pretense of keeping each other close. It was no wonder it had ended with the two of them here.

Alois's hand slipped about Ciel's waist, began to work its way over his hipbone and between the trap of Ciel's body and the bed to take him in hand. Cheater, Ciel thought and then Alois's fingers were circling him, squeezing him, and there was no more room for thought.

Alois's hips thrust up sweetly, lancing Ciel to his very depths, and now it was Ciel's turn to cry out. "Unh..." he gasped, his eyes flying open, his vision in both eyes unhampered; where had his eyepatch got to? Then even that concern was beyond him as Alois bent down and Ciel felt him lick the back of his neck; he fancied he could feel the contract mark on Alois's tongue sizzle against his skin.

The three points of sensation all began to converge at the base of Ciel's spine, building, driving him to a dizzying climax, his fingers clutching at the corners of the bed beneath him as the rush of it swelled and broke like a blister, equally as messy and ten times as distasteful. He shuddered and spent, hearing Alois's hateful chuckle at his shoulder.

In glorious fury he clamped down upon Alois's invasion, turning the chuckle to a choke, and Alois's control into a thing long fled. Alois's mouth mewled against the back of Ciel's neck; he shook, and pulsed, and at last emptied himself into Ciel, crying and clinging to Ciel's callous back as the two of them trembled in synchrony.

Alois's breathing began to slow, to match Ciel's. Ciel felt a tender hand begin to stroke through his hair, found himself relaxing, decided he would certainly have to garotte the little fiend in his sleep sometime. Later.

"It is finished, is it not?"

When the hell had Sebastian entered? Ciel hadn't called him. Ciel lifted his head and scowled, feeling the movement as Alois also looked up, though who could predict what sort of expression the unstable brat would have.

Both Sebastian and Claude Faustus were in the room. Had they been watching? Claude Faustus was stone-faced as usual; Sebastian bore the trace of a smile, but that was his typical expression as well. Both of them were in the act of removing the flower they bore on their breasts--were those actually roses? He'd never given it much attention before, and could only tell now because the blackness was leeching from them, lightening each of them to a brilliant red, and then even that color began to drain, leaving each butler holding a bloom of bone-white.

Which they each allowed to fall unheeded to the floor.

"It is indeed finished," Claude answered. "Thank you for your assistance."

"Claude?" Alois's voice crawled upward like an insect.

"I shall continue to answer to that name if you wish, your Highness," said Claude, removing his spectacles and tucking them away. "For a few moments longer."

Claude took a step towards the bed, but Sebastian's hand upon his chest checked him. "Allow me to take my master from this place first," Sebastian said.

"As you desire," was Claude's flat answer.

There was no dignity in crawling out from under Alois, but Ciel tried to draw himself up with as much haughtiness as possible. "Explain what you mean by this intrusion, butler," he said, using an address he had never used for Sebastian.

The little smile did not change. Of course it wouldn't. "Why, only that our duties to the two of you are done." Sebastian said this with a bow. "If one uses a very literal interpretation of our terms." The smile widened. "And we do."

A gasp from Alois. "Claude! Claude, don't leave me!" The earl was a flurry of naked skin, scrambling from the bed to leap upon his butler, cling to Claude's leg. "Oh, don't."

"I shall be with you to the very end, as promised," said Claude, as calmly as if an unclad Alois were not clutching at him.

"Oh, good," brightened Alois, instantly as happy as if he'd just been offered a picnic and a dukedom.

"Come, my lord," said Sebastian, extending a hand, and before he had time to speak another word Ciel found himself in Sebastian's arms, being borne from the room like a weightless doll. Sebastian had at least had the goodness to pull the bedsheet with him, tangling Ciel's nudity in it.

He found his voice. "How are you done? What's finished?"

Sebastian's smile down at him was fond. Indulgent. "To satisfy the terms Claude Faustus and I had between us, the Earl of Trancy demanded that he have you, while your requirement was that you kill the Earl, yes?" Sebastian did not wait for confirmation. "Claude and I decided that once you achieved fulfillment in the bed of your rival, he could certainly be said to have 'had' you, by anyone's definition. Thus Claude's side of the bargain was over and done with, and he had no further requirement to steal you for his master."

Ciel's blush was furious. "You were watching!"

It was no effort for Sebastian to shrug and continue to carry his master away at the same time. "We knew the moment the contract was satisfied."

"My side of the contract isn't done at all," Ciel huffed. "I want Alois Trancy killed."

Now the smile was almost simpering. Ciel went cold, realizing what that portended. "One might say," said Sebastian, "--and, dear master, I do--that you certainly delivered a death to the Earl. A little death."

Ciel found himself gaping at the absurdity of it. "That's--I've never heard such cheating in my life."

"But it holds sufficient truth, young master. It must, for after all, I do not lie like humans do."

"No," Ciel spat, the depths of his outrage nowhere near reached. "You lie like a demon does, don't you."

Another one of those shrugs, this one with tangible, hateful satisfaction to it. "You should be glad I have done nothing to discourage your own self-serving nature, my lord. It is fortunate for you that you demanded the earl to stay his climax until after your own."

"What?" Ciel sputtered.

"If the first orgasm had been the earl's," Sebastian continued, heedless of the effrontery of his words, "then your contract would have been completed first, and by my agreement with Claude, he might have chosen that moment to swoop in and claim you. It might be a very different demon carrying you off for his unspecified, unlimited pleasure, young master."

Ciel's head swam. "Because of who came first?" he gasped. "You bet my-- my soul on that?"

Now the smile had teeth. "Why, my greedy young master, it was no bet at all. I know the Earl of Phantomhive only too well."

Absurdly, he supposed Sebastian did. "Sebastian?" They'd left the mansion behind; Ciel no longer recognized the nighttime countryside. "Where are we going?"

A soft laugh. "Where else, young master? To dinner."
Tags: fic, kuroshitsuji
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