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Drabbles for Nightmare Before Christmas (Jack/Sally, G)

Back in January, jenna_thorn requested a drabble of the wedding of Jack Skellington and Sally, and the email's never left my inbox. Today, as I found myself craving apple cider and planning my next pumpkin carving, it seemed the proper time to whip this up.

October Wedding

Of all Halloweentown's denizens, Sally is cleverest with needle and thread. That's why Jack asked her to make his Christmas suit, after all. But this order is a surprise for her, so, he has to ask elsewhere. White, he tells the puzzled volunteers. It must be all white.

"White as bone!" wails the Bloody Spectre, hacking the unstained tatters from his own hem to make the gathered skirt.

"White as shrouds!" cackles the Wart-Nosed Hag, spinning spidersilk into a cobwebby long train.

"White as fog!" whispers the Unseen Wind, blowing a mist into shape until it coalesces to an air-thin veil.

"I'm afraid they still don't understand," Jack apologizes as he presents the result of their efforts to Sally. "It's still all chills and terrors to them. If you don't like it, you don't have--I mean, would you still consider--"

Sally only smiles and kisses Jack again. "It's the loveliest dress I've ever seen. Besides, I hear Ghostly Brides are quite the fashion for hauntings."

Jack catches her about the waist in delight. "Does that mean yes?"

The wedding takes place on the next Halloween, because on Halloween Jack always does everything exactly right. Sally's ring comes with its very own curse, and she wouldn't have it any other way.

And a two-paragraph sequel!

September Birthday

"Simplest cesarean delivery ever," Sally reassures Jack, bending to bite off the thread of the last knot. "How does she look?"

"All fifty-six phalanges! She's perfect," says the proud father, nuzzling the top of their newborn's skull.
Tags: fanfic, nightmare before christmas
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