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Also, "she-beasts" said by Alec Baldwin will always be funny.

Well! Who knew that I could find 30 Rock to be right up my alley when it's done live? Despite acknowledging 30 Rock is a clever show, I haven't been able to get into it, partly because there is no "normal view" character; they're ALL nuts. But the interaction of the actors with a live audience had me rolling. The tricks needed for quick cuts and flashbacks, the actors' pauses for laughter and their trying to keep character, and all the fourth-wall breaking in a show that had a plotline about fourth-wall breaking, wow, hilarious. I dunno, maybe 30 Rock would grab me more with a laugh track? I know laugh tracks are as passé as a mullet hairstyle, but I wonder. It may just be that I usually prefer live comedy. Always preferred stand-up comedy to sitcoms.

And may I say that I might, MIGHT, be starting to find Matt Damon slightly appealing as he ages. My reaction to him has always been, "Yes, he's talented. MiGOD he's ugly and I can't see what anyone sees in him." That might have changed. He's less squished-looking now.
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