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Halloween pumpkin carving 2010

*happy dance* Man, I did not think this one would come out this well. Thought I'd got too ambitious this year. (Sorry if I'm preening a bit, but I'm so happy with this.)

Kuroshitsuji Halloween pumpkin!

The image I wanted. Alois in the opening credits:

And the result.

This was the template I got after running the original image through Photoshop Elements and playing with the contrast and hue and such:

This is how the pumpkin looks in daylight. Notice it's got kind of a rough surface! This is the flat side of the pumpkin, which works better than the rounded side for large and detailed carvings. I couldn't let myself do the fine detail on the eyes and tongue until I took it into the dark and lit it from within so that I'd get a certain view of what I was getting. I was going to throw the whole thing out if the face came out ugly, I really was.

A close up of detail on Alois. (I didn't do anything to these photos except crop, adjust the angle, and play with the shadows and contrast sliders. Seriously, that's pretty much all I know how to do.)

And an icon if anyone wants one. I'll be using it a lot for the rest of the month myself. ^_^

Tags: halloween, kuroshitsuji, pumpkins
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