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And I never had lust for an RHPS character before this. (Except to play them. But that's different.)

Last night's dream about shopping in an airport mall and finding Lucius/Harry paper dolls (they were NSFW, omigod! With all sorts of bedroom outfits!) was vivid. It even included the part where I couldn't wait to get back to the laptop and post to LJ about them.

Re: last night's Glee, the Rocky Horror episode, I think there will be a wide division on opinion, but I decided beforehand not to get too invested and so I simply enjoyed the parts I did and didn't think too much about themes or messages.

Phone conversation immediately after:
Me: Sweetheart, I have to warn you.
S.O.: ...yes?
Me: If the actor who plays Kurt shows up at my door in that costume, he can pretty much have me.
S.O.: Ah. Gotcha.
Me: Fairly remote chances on that, granted.

(We have an agreement that if Kate Winslet, Keira Knightley, or Anne Hathaway show up at either of our doors we are required to share. Only fair.)
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