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Moving media is magic.

Off to see Deathly Hallows today! I haven't kept it secret that I thought book 7 was a mess. Silly capers against a background of DOOM = me snickering. And the lack of a year at Hogwarts stole one of Rowling's major structural strengths. So I've been eager for this film since series' end, ready to see the problems of the last books corrected in script and on screen. The film of HBP managed it and I've always had faith DH would too.

In Kuroshitsuji/ Black Butler news, Funimation has put the first four English dubbed episodes up on YouTube. I'm great with everyone's voice except...Ciel's. THE MAIN CHARACTER. ARGH. Ciel's voice sounds just right in the rare moments when he's yelling, but at every other time it's so breathy and quiet, I'm at the point where the English dub series works if I imagine Ciel's a cross-dressing girl. Which is an interesting AR, but. I want to enjoy the English experience of it so I hope I get used to the voice after a while. If not, well. "Language Options" DVD menu is my friend.
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