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YULETIDE FIC: Inglourious Basterds-verse, Archie Hicox/Bridget Von Hammersmark

The author of my wonderful The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly giftfic was miss_pryss, and my contribution to Yuletide was for a film I love, that I'd never have tried to write for without Yuletide to push me, and for a pairing I'd certainly have never tried to write without fated_attraction's prompt.

I wrote Inglourious Basterds fic, Archie Hicox/Bridget von Hammersmark, smutty-ish but not deeply filthy, (as befits Archie; he's a gentleman), about 2500 words.

Title: Unter einer Decke Stecken
Fandom: Inglourious Basterds
Pairing: Archie Hicox/Bridget von Hammersmark
Summary: fated_addiction requested: "Archie Hicox/Bridget von Hammersmark...He was a film critic, she was an actress. Were they old friends? Or was it just a chance encounter? What might've happened had they survived?"
Tags: fic, inglourious basterds
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