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Game of Thrones, episode one Mom-mentary

Just got finished watching the premiere of Game of Thrones with my mom, of all things. I'm a fan of the books; my mom hadn't a clue what we were about to see.

(Joffrey appears)

Mom: He looks like a real bastard.
Me: Yeah, you can pretty much go on appearances for that one.

(During Tyrion's first appearance)

Me: Are you asleep?
Mom: No, of course not.
Me: I think you were asleep during the fellatio.
Mom: During the what? Did they show it?
Me: When the whore lifted her head out of his lap.
Mom: Oh my god.

(When Drogo takes Danaerys off for her wedding night)

Mom: I hope he's tender.
Me: (after the scene) They truncated it in a way that messes with the tone, darnit. But, yeah, in the book he's passionate but considerate of her.
Mom: Oh, good. That makes me happy. Is he going to kill her brother?
Me: Let me just say, of all the named characters we've just met in this series, you wouldn't believe how many are going to be dead within two books.

(Final scene, which ended exactly how I expected the first episode to end)

Mom: I knew they had to be sleeping with each other from that first scene of them together.
Me: Yeah, I was worried Lena Headey wouldn't be sufficiently catty to play Cersei. No more worries. Me-ow.
Mom: Tell me everything, come on.
Me: Don't you want to watch it?
Mom: Oh, yeah, you have to tape this for me.
Me: So I don't want to tell you everything, then.
Mom: Stop holding out on me.

Overall I thought it was a bit slow as they set the atmosphere in some scenes but otherwise they did a great job. Tiny beefs with individual scenes (like the tone of the wedding night) in the way that a passionate "I have my vision of everything and they must please me, dammit" fan will have, but, really, nothing that deserves real complaint. This show had better get good ratings and keep running or it will make my mom mad. And we can't have that.
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