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Are they costume dramas, or are they lack-of-costumes dramas? You decide.

Game of Thrones is the series on everyone's lips/blogs/etc., and I'm loving it, but I'm also loving Camelot on Starz. I adore what they're doing in twisting the legend about. Parentage, the love triangle, the sword in the stone...their take on Excalibur and the Lady of the Lake in last week's episode had my jaw in my lap and my heart wrung in an invisible fist. Anyone else enjoying this and want to babble?

I know that all cable series have to be full of nudity and copulation to prove themselves these days, but I don't need that, honest. I just need a good story told well. I do like drama, though, and does it feel like nudity = drama to you, in all these bosom/bottom/boinking series that are showing up all over late-prime-time premium cable? Maybe that's it. (Mind you, Eva Green's breasts are never going to be superfluous. In any universe.)

In other b/b/b cable series, I've given up on The Borgias after 4 eps. It's not bad, it's just not as interesting to me as the other things I'm watching now, and my time is limited. Sorry, Jeremy Irons, it wasn't your fault.
Tags: camelot, game of thrones, the borgias
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