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I saw Thor. I drooled a lot.

Overview of Thor without spoilers beyond what you'd know from the trailers, so, leaving it uncut.

So I saw Thor this week. It took me a while to warm up to it but once it did I enjoyed the ride quite a bit. Asgard gave me, "Wonder how long these accents are gonna last," pessimism, it just felt so cheesy at the beginning. I was kind of fretting in my seat and thinking, "It's no Iron Man, is it."

Annnnnnnd then something happened, I'm not quite sure where, but I started to find the fun. Could have been in several places. The fantasy backgrounds in this film are so amazingly beautiful it's hard to stay unmoved. SHIELD guy whose name I never remember is such a refreshing twist on the Average Government Suit Idiot character that he perks me up whenever he shows up. The last time I believed a "No, really, I'm played by a gorgeous actress and I'm a brilliant scientist" character was Jodie Foster in Contact, but, still, Natalie Portman at least gave you the impression her astrophysicist never bothers with makeup beyond a swipe of Chap Stick and doesn't own a single pair of heels, so, that was nice.

And Chris Hemsworth really carried Thor. Not just physically (yes, that was me in the middle of the IMAX theatre who at conversational volume announced, "Best. Film. Ever," during his shirtless moment, not at all sorry about that) but in terms of making him 1) likeable and 2) a god and 3) a guy with lessons to learn who is also capable of learning them without sulking. Freaking complicated, that.

When Thor first uses his hammer in battle (*skips all possible punny ways of otherwise putting that*) I did go a little jaw-droppy. That was quite, quite gorgeous, the violence and power of his fighting. Made me cock my head sideways and think, " know, maybe swords are a little flash and overrated."

And the whole sent-to-Earth thing could have pinged my fish-out-of-water humiliation squick SO BAD except IT DIDN'T. Thor is still one fine specimen of butt-whuppin' man as an unpowered human, and he's not really capable of being embarrassed by his reproachable actions; he just absorbs he's done something that upset people, apologizes, and is sincere that he won't do it again. He still has the greater power in that situation, so I suppose that's why it didn't upset me. And he's such a gentleman. God, I loved that. I'm such a sucker for a hot paladin. I can't say he and Jane had deep credible chemistry--certainly not of the "I will find a way to cross an uncrossable galaxy for you" kind--but they were darned cute together. Loved the rooftop scene like crazy, oh, yes. And Jane is likeable and it's easy to slip into her viewpoint for a little, "Me girl, me want pretty man too" sighing. I may already have fantasized the two of them doin' it. Multiple times.

On the heels of that, Thor wasn't the only piece of HOLY HELL, ME WANT on that screen--omigod, I am still panting over the (uncredited) appearance of Hawkeye in this film. (My comic cred hit the dust this time around, though, because all through that I was going "CRAP CRAP WHAT THE HELL IS THE NAME OF MARVEL'S ANALOGUE FOR GREEN ARROW AGAIN" and had to be reminded after.) Jeebus christmas, he was riveting for the collective sixty seconds he was onscreen. I wouldn't have called him a consolation prize for the title character, nossir.

Also had pleasant girly twinges for the Gatekeeper guy. Found myself blinking and saying, "I didn't know he was my type, but, golly, I guess NOW I DO." And by the end of it I'd girl-crushed on Sif. I guess I was expecting the Jane-Sif rivalry to be played up and when it hadn't been, at the end, I thought, "Oh, that's all right then!" and plunged headlong into the Sif-love. Sif's actress, by the way, was one of the examples of how this entire film gave me the "I know that actor, what have I seen him/her in?" vibes when it turned out I hadn't seen them in anything at all. I IMDB'd a bunch of them and I hadn't seen any of their stuff. Whuzza? On the other hand, I am not to be blamed for missing Colm Feore under all that makeup!

So, pretty people, gorgeous scenery, genuine laugh-out-loud moments, battle scenes that weren't boring...on paper it sounds like I loved it, doesn't it? Well, I did enjoy it very much, and would like to watch most of it again, for more reasons than Chris Hemsworth shirtless. Though that's not to be glossed over ever.
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