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Dear Yuletide Author 2011!

Dear Yuletide Author:

I'm sorry you're stuck with my oddball requests! Not to mention how one-track they are; to have a requester who keeps coming back to slash, femmeslash, and more slash might give you the eye-rolls, rightly so. But I'm a romantic (or at least an erotic), and my favorite part of fanfiction is coupling folk together in the most delicious and unpredictable of intimacies. I ask forgiveness, but I don't really apologize for wanting. I'm only sorry that you might be unfairly burdened.

But, here you are and here I am, so, on with the requests. You've read the email, so, all that's left to add is the general stuff. I've asked for serious stories; not that I don't like lunatic crack but these three fandoms are new ground for me and I feel if they aren't taken seriously it will mean they're not to be taken seriously, and I'll be embarrassed for even wanting them. Does that make sense?

This doesn't mean I wouldn't want humor. Humor is so often what allows pairings like these to come into existence, isn't it? Wit and banter feel like they'd be necessary to drive the relationships in two out of my three requested fandoms, actually.

1776 (1972)- I recently rediscovered this film and really, truly fell hard in love with it. The drama of everything leading to the finale whips me into a nearly sexual climax. Which leaves me simply dying for physical relationships between the male characters, and I'm not all that particular who. All that burning and longing for their faraway female companions puts me in two minds: it leaves me feeling shy about slashing them to the point where I just can't write it, and it also makes me really really want to imagine them seeking relief in each other's company. Adams is of course the darling of the play, and I'd love to see him form one-half of the twosome, but I'd be delighted to see any two of the principals end up in a founding fathers' tryst: Adams, Franklin, Jefferson, Lee, Rutledge, Hancock, Hall. (I'm blushing just writing this.)

Disney Princesses- Every year I volunteer to write this. Every year LOTS of people volunteer to write it. I'd like to show this concept some love and request it this year. I'd love to see crossover femmeslash between two princesses. If femmeslash is not your thing, then a deep committed friendship between the two would make me nearly as happy. I would love it if it could be some reasonable, serious crossover: no time machines, no teleporters, no crack settings like The Cross-Dimensional Disney Princess Club or anything like that. Just a credible encounter in the same universe, perhaps a little plotty, with some fairy tale-esque difficulty to be overcome by the tale's end? Also, it only has to be two of them; you don't have to squeeze a half-dozen into the story! I am not at all picky that they be princesses; non-princess Disney heroines such as Mulan and Esmeralda are perfectly acceptable. If any of these ladies in this list could end up in the twosome, that would be just wonderful: Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Esmeralda, Mulan, Megara, Jane Porter, Kida, Rapunzel.

The Avengers (2012)- I already adore movieverse!Tony Stark; then movieverse!Thor showed up and I started falling for him; then before the Thor movie had even finished we got this tiny tiny little look at movieverse!Hawkeye (Clint Barton) in the movie and I was freaking RIVETED by him, for just those thirty seconds, holy cripes. It seems I've never lost my carnal reflex for a hot guy with a bow and arrow. *has wistful Robin Hood memories* Before the film comes out next year and dashes all my dreams with "it didn't happen the way I wanted it to," give me the sort of thing I'm hoping to see? The talk-y, smart ass-y encounters that happen when these three are in their early days of meeting and start sniffing about each other, not happy that they can't help from wondering who's the alpha dog, but wondering it all the same? With slash, yes please? Between any two of those three? (Not asking for a threesome; I think that's too much for credibility to stretch. Unless you want to.) It doesn't have to take place in the early days of their knowing each other but I imagine the interaction would sound the same years into the team's existence, don't you? (Any of the other established characters can put in an appearance, too, but I'm not as excited for them as I am for the other three.)

My LJ is open to anonymous comments; you can ask me any questions here if you have 'em.

Most importantly, THANK YOU. I hope the whole thing seems a delightful challenge!
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