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Yuletide assignment!

So, like, when you guys got your Yuletide assignment, did you scroll down through the email, looking at the first request, thinking, "No. That's not the match. I didn't offer that. Did I? I WAS IN A STATE OF MADNESS WHEN I SUBMITTED MY OFFERS; MAYBE I DID. No, calm down. Keep looking." And did that happen for each of the requests, cruelly and slowly (like a fairy tale narrative where all the older siblings go out first on the quest but they all blow it until the youngest kid goes off and tries) until you got to the very last one in the list, and you said OH MY GOD WHAT and then saw the details and then said "...Oh. OH. Yeah, I can do that. Yeah. Oh, YEAH. MWAH HA HA HA HA HA."

...or was that just me?
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