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It's Always sunny, period.

Had my own mini-fandom reunion Sunday! I cannot make this stuff up; vacationing in Walt Disney World, I ran into emmagrant01 and Baby Grant. There were hugs and squees! Not only that, I swear to god I saw the two of them this time the previous year in Disney World (she says they were indeed here at that time). CANNOT MAKE IT UP.

In other Disney World cannot-make-it-up anecdotes, I owe a great evening meal to a package of... well, wait for it. Mom and I decided to hit the Magic Kingdom last night to grab dinner and watch parade and fireworks, despite a run of rain. Not to worry; rainy days are a great time to go to the parks: shorter lines. I always travel with those little packet dollar store rain ponchos; before we leave the room, I reach in the drawer where I'd stowed the travel umbrellas and the puffy ponchos in their little plastic baggies and grab them and stuff them into a bigger plastic bag for toting. All set, right?

Bus pulls up to the Magic Kingdom. It's drizzling. I reach into the big bag, grab a puffy little poncho packet...

...which turns out to be the plastic travel baggie in which I stow a maxipad, four minipads and two tampons. I have left the hotel carrying one poncho and one baggie of feminine hygiene products. THEY FELT EXACTLY THE SAME. CANNOT MAKE THIS STUFF UP, GUYS.

Hilarity ensues; it's way too funny to be upset over it. What also ensues, though, is the "You wear the poncho," "Don't be silly, YOU wear the poncho," looking-out-for-each-other argument which does not resolve; I try to amend it with, "Oh, I'll just buy an extra poncho in the park, " but of course Mom is in full Mom-mode, turning on the, "Don't be ridiculous; I don't even want a poncho, you wear this one, I absolutely refuse to wear one, IF YOU TRY TO BUY ME ONE I WILL NOT WEAR IT I WILL STOMP ON IT AND THROW IT AWAY AND CALL YOU NAMES YAH BOO."

One way or t'other, we have to get off the bus, and it's a genuinely chilly drizzle. Realizing I have lost the poncho fight and unhappy about it, I say, "Look, instead of going into the park and seeking dinner in this drizzle and waiting two hours for the parade, would you like to go the Polynesian Hotel from here and see if we can get a table at Kona Café or something? We'll certainly have a wait but we'll be warm and dry and we can go down to the counter service place if the wait's unbearable and then we can come back here and still hit the parade and fireworks if we feel like it." This is pronounced sensible; we board the resort monorail and go to the Poly.

Kona Café has a 45 minute wait; this does not surprise us in this rain; we rarely try to eat at a table service restaurant in WDW without reservations because the waits are mad. But the helpful cast member gestures and says, "If you want to eat at the sushi bar, they not only serve sushi but our full menu." I did not know this and this is ideal! I love sushi but it's not my mom's favorite, and I wouldn't have pushed it on her but we sit and order a small host of dishes and within minutes are served:

1. the yummiest volcano roll I've ever had
2. an awesome salad
3. butternut-lemongrass bisque
3. a mountain of teriyaki-hot mustard-glazed chicken wings so vast we have leftovers for days.

Replete, warm, and carrying a doggy bag whose garlicky aroma fortifies us all through the rest of the night, we return to the Magic Kingdom just in time to catch the parade and fireworks and then go back to the hotel and not get too wet or too cold in the duration. Great night.

(The package of feminine hygiene products survived the trip handily, you'll be happy to know.)
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