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Why bother with a subject line? LJ apparently thinks they're worthless. O U C WAT I DID THERE.

Dear LJ:

Yup, I hate it, just like everyone else, big time. The loss of the drop-down icon menu and the loss of Comment Preview are my personal outrages, but I know why the loss of subject lines is tearing up a lot of people and communities.

I have this fantasy that when they posted about the new comment pages coming, they planned to reveal the changes beforehand as they claimed, but when the changes leaked right away and the response was a pretty uniform OH HELL NO they realized they weren't going to make things better talking about them before rolling them out, so they decided to go with, "Let's roll them out and give them a few days and see if everyone gets used to them quick and settles down." I mean, I think that's an understandable action to the huge negative response they were getting; maybe it did happen like that.

I don't think we're going to be settling down. The icon changes are as unwieldy as I can imagine. No more money for extra userpics from me, LJ.

So I'm hoping my part two of my fantasy--that LJ says in a few days, "Okay, they hate it, and we're going to lose revenue. Put it back until we get a better solution,"--takes place.

The other version of the fantasy, less desirable, is that they enable a reversion to the old look but (like they do) only for paid users.

I guess we'll see.
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