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C'mon, Yuletide Madness, open open!

Even though I still can't navigate the icon selector and I want comment preview back, I've been trying not to just stare at LJ news waiting for changes or responses, but rather I'm going on with fandom and all the things that make me happy about it. Fandom's supposed to be the happy part of life. It's almost Yuletide, yay!

Also, I've never changed my LJ layout; I still use the watermelon-pink-and-green-and-white Generator theme I first chose, and I cling to the old Xcolibur design of the default comment pages. This might be a reasonable moment for me to take a look at other themes and see if any of their styles and their versions of comment pages, with the old features preserved, are pleasing. I'm imagining that if my living room with its lovely antique wallpaper were ruined by a leaky roof, and if I have no choice but to go to Sherwin-Williams and pick out new wallpaper, I might as well allow myself to enjoy the redecorating aesthetic.
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