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Yuletide gifts!

I got two full-length fics for my requests this Yuletide!

I got Disney Princess crossover fic, A Sense of Freedom, ~10K words, featuring two of my favorite Disney heroines (and their hunky, humorous guys), and the characterization and the plot and the way this story brings together two canons so seamlessly are so darn wonderful that it matters not at all that it isn't femmeslash; it wouldn't have worked for this story and I wouldn't have this story be any different from what it is, it's that delightful.

And I got 1776 fic, A Passion For Polite Intercourse, ~4K words, featuring John Adams/Benjamin Franklin in a scene one unmistakable step beyond innuendo, yet so wonderfully steeped in euphemism I sputtered myself silly. (It's the only AO3 story with a tag for "roast duck," too.) You will hear DaSilva and Daniels's voices when you read this, I swear.

I'm so happy to have been the instigator for these! I know the story I wrote for Yuletide is going to appeal to a narrow audience because of the style, but the comments I have got on it have been lovely. Will share after the reveal, of course!

I had wanted to provide some Yuletide Madness gifts but was stymied by the layout of the requests. The amount of work that elynross and astolat et al put into Yuletide is staggering, so it seems unfair of me to want to burden them further, but I hope that next year the archive is designed so that when Madness comes around, the requests will be organized by fandom. (In all other respects I find myself loving AO3 more and more. I didn't know you could download the stories in mobi format! How fab is that?)
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