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US Prosecutors shut down Megaupload, indict several workers


APNewsBreak: US prosecutors shut down one of world’s largest file-sharing sites, Megaupload

Not happy about this. Freaking miserable about it, actually. It still hasn't sunk in how many things this is going to affect in my daily activities. So many content sites that I frequent depended on it. So many.

Right when I was feeling damned proud of the internet for yesterday's activist SOPA/PIPA protest. I can't imagine it's a coincidence that this happened one day later.

What now? To whom do I write, and how do I do it without sounding like I advocate pirating? Megaupload might have been used in that way by many, but it's also a storage site for many of us, useful for sharing content which we owned or had permission to share. Can this be saved?
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