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Second Avengers go

Saw Avengers again. My first time through a film in which I'm deeply invested (examples: beloved book-to-movie, anticipated sequel, am I going to see Jeremy Renner's arms as much as I'm hoping, etc.) is often a hands-clasped-beneath-chin, breathless terror-filled trance of "Did they do it right? Did they did they?" Which means the second go-through of such a film (if they did do it right) is a delight 'cos I get to relax and enjoy it. And look for details. This time around, I got to pay attention to the plot.


-Banner knows to get his un-Hulked, motorcycle-propelled ass to Manhattan and Stark Tower because he sees the results of the gamma-radiation tracker just before the explosion on the helicarrier. But he never has the opportunity to tell the others before he's dumped off it, and Barton can't tell because he says Loki kept him in the dark on that point, so that's why Stark has to guess it from Loki's "it's personal" methods.

-Meanwhile, how does Thor know to get to Manhattan? Well, Thor found Loki on a jet in midair earlier; he must have Loki-tracking abilities, or perhaps scepter-tracking abilities.

-Are all Loki's minions slaved to him with his scepter, or are they mostly just SHIELD's enemies/well-paid mooks? I spent serious chunks of time when I could have been looking at Renner instead (o, blasphemy) checking out all the minions' eyes. Hard to tell because the only ones who got facial closeups were wearing facemasks, but at least one--the one giving Cap a hard time with that rifle--had dark, non-frostglitter eyes, and that one was fighting against SHIELD as if s/he had a pretty deadly grudge. So there's a bit of precedent to assume not all the minons got scepter-slaved.

-How does Fury knows Barton's there in the attack on the helicarrier? Because who else has computer-virus-infecting USB arrows, duh.

-Loki's minions can track the scepter, so is that enough to confirm that Loki planned all along to allow SHIELD forces to find him, attack him, and then take him to the helicarrier? I mean, I'm sure he did, but I like to know what the clincher point is. It could just be how carefully-planned the helicarrier attack goes when Loki never had a moment's communication with his minions from the time of his capture: explode engine three, disable engine one via computer, get to the detention block to free big boss Loki and get him out, and create enough havoc to make sure Banner Hulks out. I wonder if the start of Loki's plan goes all the way back to Solveig's knowledge about the gamma radiation.

And now, a poll:

Poll: The whisper

The thing Natasha whispers to...

Poll #1839553 The whisper

The thing Natasha whispers to Clint as Thor's preparing to take a muzzled and bound Loki back to Asgard, that makes Clint slowly smile despite not getting to put Loki down himself is:

"Wanna bet which one of them bottoms?"
"I stole your fire ant toxin out of your quiver and smeared it in Loki's spare jockstrap."
"I got a suitcase full of throwing stars, two quarts of Maker's Mark, four of tequila, and nine packs of ribbed glow-in-the-dark Trojans. It's gonna be a great night."
Something else. Reveal in comments!
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