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Robert's hand on Jeremy's wrist gives me very bad thoughts; Tom's onlooking grin gives me even more.

You know how when you're in love with something, all songs are about your love? Yyyyyyyeah, so, I need vidding skills, and I need an Avengers DVD. ALL THE VIDS ARE IN MY HEAD. So all I can do is play the songs on repeat two dozen times and watch the vids in my head and THAT'S NOT ENOUGH DAMMIT.

This could be the film that makes me learn to vid at last. I thought about it when I fell into anime fandom, but the daunting thing about that is that all the anime series are, like, twenty hours long minimum, and who's got the time to pick the perfect clips from all that? But two-and-a-half hours of movie to choose from? You can work with that, the obsessed voice in my head keeps whispering. GIMME A FEW MINUTES TO BREATHE, VOICE.

Lacking the DVD in the first place (whenwhenwhengimmegimmegimmeNOW), I should settle for making myself some more icons, 'cos I know how to do that. Text icons. Funny text icons. The only kind worth having.

Meanwhile, this is my current favorite promo pic of my favorite boys:

You're welcome.
Tags: avengers, movies, still going on about renner's arms
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