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The power of one sexy-as-f**k verb.

Avengers burst of babble for tonight:

--See, I have this specific kink for using the word "unmake" in my erotic fiction; more than once (I've tried to keep them to a minumum, but it's a fetish, 'k?) I've used lines like, "You unmake me," as the moment of overwhelmed confession, or describing a character in a really good orgasm feeling as if he were "unmade." Imagine me already melting over Hawkeye's storyline (and arms) for the first two-thirds of the film, and then hearing that particular line. Pure unadulterated liquefaction.

Meanwhile, what was supposed to be about a thousand words of whump!fill is turning into 3k of torture porn. Why? Because Tony Stark has a mouth.
Tags: avengers, still going on about renner's arms
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