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Weekend report (so far)

Had a lovely time at Anime North with dear besties nimori, moon_child02, and new-awesome friend A. (a/k/a Peanut). Stayed up late, squeed like mad things, cursed the SHI (Shitty Hotel Internet) which would not allow us to load more than thirty seconds of any YouTube video, did creative cosplay, and came away with swag including hand-made Kuroshitsuji notepaper, multi creepy-hot guy bookmarks (Undertaker, Alucard, Count of Monte Cristo), Sherlock keychains, fandom slogan pins ("The cake is a lie. A tasty, tasty lie"), green tea Kit Kats, and a set of chibi Avengers pins--all power to the girl who expected there would be a demand for those, and stayed up four nights running, she said, to get those ready for the convention. She was pretty much the only Avengers art swag vendor there and she was swarmed.

And I got a nice tutorial on how to make a tumblr. So I might get around to doing that just to track all the art and gifs that have crowded my monitor for the past three weeks.

On a sad note, leni_jess. Oh, my. For those who haven't heard, she passed away. I had the privilege of meeting this fun, funny, classy lady at at least two HP conventions. She was a wonderful fandom friend, and talented as hell, too--Resolution remains one of my favorite HP fics ever. She was as squeeful over fandom as any thirteen-year-old, and I hope I'm like her the whole duration of my life.
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