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According to the charts I am at the "starstruck" stage. (Kissing the LEGO figure counts, right?)

I'm not the expert on kinkmemes, but I find that avengerkink has a lot of prompts I didn't expect. As in, those that have nothing to do with sex or pairings at all. Different from what I'm used to seeing. Mind, I don't dislike it. I find myself understanding that someone desperately wants "Tony cooks breakfast for the entire crew" and doesn't even want it to end in smut; they just want virtual omelets and character reaction and then they can die happy. I get it: there is something about the Avengers Tower concept that lends itself to "group hug!" ficwant. It's like Avengers Tower Sims that you write yourself.

I've been going through a lot of the fills, and I'll post recs at some point. I even like the crackfills for the crackprompts (e.g., everyone's got a sex video out there) I especially like the seriousfills for the crackprompts (e.g., arrow fellatio. I KNOW WTF?!).

In today's installment of Jeremy Renner, Professional Life-Ruiner,

(for reference, see here:

...I give you P!nk's Trouble video from 2003, in which he plays a corrupt western sheriff menacing P!nk's vengeance girl. With handcuffs, whips, and chains.

Again, you're welcome.
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