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Their pastrami sandwiches do live up to their reputation, by the way.

Finished up the first draft of The Fic That Seized My Heart Before The Film Was Even Six Minutes In; it's sad how long it's taken me to get this thing together (it isn't even very long! It's mostly smut!), but there's a particular paralysis that hit for this new fandom in particular: I write fantasy. Avengers movieverse is very, very rooted in the real world, despite the fantastical elements. There's spy stuff and gun stuff and computer stuff and military stuff, and don't even get me started about New York stuff--yes, I'd rather learn to fake the details behind technological warfare than I would the geography of Manhattan. Because some will forgive you for not knowing how many landing gear are needed for VTOL*, but god forbid you should not know that the Carnegie Deli doesn't take credit cards.

So I thought I would solve the problem by getting in the heads of the mythological characters, but when you discover that's not so easy either and find yourself yelling F**KING ASGARDIANS every ten minutes, well. I'm glad I had the sudden burst to write the Loki/Natasha thing earlier, because that helped me find a Loki voice that's mine.

So, yeah. Really happy to have it done; I was beginning to be terrified it would just reach eight hundred useless words and stagnate forever. Once it's beta'd, edited, and posted, I'll focus on getting a recs post done. And yes, of course there will be more JR: PLR to come. My Hawkeye action figures command it.

(*I have no idea. Haven't looked it up.)
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