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Prometheus. No liver-eating, but lots of everything else.

Saw Prometheus. Let's get the first issue over with: how is this NOT Tom Hardy?

For serious. But no, that's Logan Marshall-Green, one of the stars. (Hello, hottie.)

Summary: I liked it lots. From the opening visuals it's easily the most freakin' beautiful thing I've ever seen brought to film, especially IMAX 3D. (Spring for it. It's worth it.) I liked how it didn't try to give all the answers, how it was unashamed to be a "they're going to start stacking the bodies of these 'christ, I told you not to touch it, WHY ARE YOU TOUCHING IT' idiots like cordwood, aren't they" horror-adventure film, and how the body horror went right up to eleven without, in my opinion, getting ridiculous. In fact I've got my own Stan Lee No-Prize-ing for the film's most sensational scene.

Sure, a c-section is nothing so easy as a game of The Claw, but I liked that they put in that bit about Shaw being unable to have kids, because as soon as the pincers started to pull out Junior Hentaibeast, I thought, "Oh, there we go! She's had a hysterectomy--it's an ectopic pregnancy. Probably parthenogenetic too." My giggles of satisfaction were probably inappropriate.

In summary, it was gorgeous, it fed my need to see Alien-related lore, I will probably make goofy text icons for this thing, I want blond Michael Fassbender to take me on a glass-topped table, and you should see it just so you can properly enjoy cleolinda's Prometheus in 15 Minutes.
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