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Fictional enablers r us.

I feel like I need to put some kind of disclaimer somewhere, because I've discovered it's way, way too much fun to write Tony Stark on a drunken bender, since it collapses the few filters the character has. This makes me ashamed in a way that even writing tortureporn didn't equal, because even the comics eventually decided Iron Man needed an intervention. So here, I'm saying it in this post, PSA: Alcoholism is a disease, kiddies. Drunk!Tony's only fun 'cos he's fictional.

(Inference to be had here: Tony POV fic coming from me soon.)

In today's edition of JR: PLR: this is hardly an unpopular picture, so you might very well have seen it, but I kind of need to have this somewhere I can get to it quick.

Tags: avengers, jeremy renner professional life ruiner
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