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Brave, short summary review.

Saw Brave yesterday. A lovely film.
1) As if I needed more reasons to be in love with Kelly Macdonald, Emma Thompson, and Billy Connelly. AS IF.
2) Gorgeous animation, just beautiful.
3) A Disney film with a heroine and a LIVING MOM, how about that, and the storyline is about their non-pathologic relationship, woo!
4) Felt a little bogged-down in the middle but picked right back up again well before the end.

Not my favorite of all the Pixar films, or even in the top five, but, hey, Pixar. Pretty much all the Pixar films are in my top 100 of all films ever.

(Haven't watched the season ender of Korra yet. On the schedule for tonight!)

For today's edition of JR:PLR, I give you 28 Weeks Later (sequel to 28 Days Later , both well-executed zombie contagion movies. Y'don't need to see the first to enjoy the second; they stand fine on their own). In this film you can see the dawning of casting directors saying, "Hey, let's keep putting that guy in military roles." Renner plays Sergeant Doyle, who really is kind of like earlier-in-his-military-career!Hawkeye; he's a soldier and sniper who disobeys his horrific orders and hits the ground to lead a group of uninfected humans out of Zombie Zone. (They let him have better hair than they did in The Hurt Locker, too; good thing Whedon let him return to that. Hair is a big factor in Renner's potential life-ruining superpowers.) Watching him in this and thinking about how many soldiers he's played in film made me think that twenty years ago, they'd have cast Michael Biehn to play Hawkeye, mightn't they have.

Here's a tribute fanvideo I found for Doyle on YouTube; of all those I saw I thought this one was the most aesthetically pleasing. WARNING for zombie blood 'n' gore, plus SPOILERS for pretty much everything in the film. Also SPOILERS all over the YouTube page itself, if you choose to go there.

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