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The Dark Knight Rises, brief reactions

Some The Dark Knight Rises reactions, all non-spoilery.

1. I went into that film mired in sulking surety that they could not make Anne Hathaway, my lithe angel whose beauty is so wholesome it could pasteurize milk, into an action criminal. I was effing blown away. Nolan, Hathaway, I salute you. I would have walked out of that film singing its praises even if that was all it had accomplished.

2. I have never seen a villain like Bane. He was not what I expected at all and he riveted me. I adored his script and am amazed that I could actually understand maybe 85-90% of his lines. Bring on the DVD so I can turn on the subtitles, man.

3. I like watching Christian Bale's mouth surrounded by that cowl. Nonetheless I especially like that Nolan recognizes that the most interesting part of the Batman is Bruce Wayne, and takes pains to show us that he knows.

4. Oh for eff's sake, could the Academy please just give Gary Oldman a freaking Oscar already? Before he gets decrepit and they're reduced to pandering at him with one of those Lifetime Acheivement Awards?

5. And while they're at it, MORE OSCARS FOR MICHAEL CAINE.

I did like it. Loved it, in fact. Anyone want to talk more about it, I suspect there will be spoilers in the comments.
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