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FIC: Seven six-word stories (Clint/Natasha)

I wrote a number of Six-word stories for the prompt over on the be_compromised Clint/Natasha Promptathon. Some silly, some angsty. (And the inevitable Budapest-y.) The link to the Six-word stories thread is here; I've also posted mine here behind the cut.

FIC: One Night in Avengers Tower (PG)

"JARVIS? Maximum lights."

"Pervert," she grins.

FIC: Another Night in Avengers Tower (R)

"Hawkeye logo condoms?"

"Happy Birthday."


FIC: Remembering (G)

No Coke Zero anywhere. Budapest sucked.

FIC: Detention Level (G)

Frost-blue eyes; her will.

No contest.

FIC: Pranking Tony (G)


They smirk. "Guess it worked."

FIC: Teething (G)

"Sasha, baby, don't chew mommy's Glock."

FIC: In Memoriam (PG)

Arlington headstones: an arrow, an hourglass.
Tags: avengers, fic
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