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Featuring SHOES! (And a serial killer or two.)

Fannish multi-post:

1. Non-Avengers related: a few weeks ago Entertainment Weekly had an article on The 50 Best Movies You've Never Seen." I was astonished to see Perfect Blue made the list! I adore this film. Perfect Blue is not my usual kind of flick, being a stalker drama with the premise, "Pop star tries to shed squeaky-clean image and embrace an edgier actor career, to the dismay of some fans" but the take-home message I got from it was "she damn well deserves to have her new adult image if she wants; screw the stalkers and slut-shamers!" which went against everything I was expecting, hooray! (And I love the pop songs. Wish I could find the English recordings of those.)

Avengers related (of course);

2. I...may have...madeandorderedthesefromConverse:

Yes, you can make custom Converse sneakers. I saw a whole series of Avengers-themed ones someone had designed and leapt right on that bandwagon.

(I don't even wear sneakers. I haven't owned a pair in a decade. DON'T CARE.)

3. I'm getting a lot of my Avengers/Jeremy Renner fix from tumblr these days. I found an adorable underfollowed Renner-weighted fanart tumblr that ought to have a signal boost: (she does Sherlock, too!)

I am this artist's perfect fan. Yes, that first one is CHIBI JEFFREY DAHMER and I SAID "D'AWWWW" WHEN I SAW IT.

4. Because I cannot look directly at this photorealistic fanart of Hawkeye by Sheridan-J without risking heart failure and blindness, I've put off using it for a JR:PLR edition. To hell with it, I'm already going blind and arrhythmic with the Bourne blitz this week, (and cluegirl already braved it, too) so, going ahead with it:

Hawkeye by Sheridan-J. I saw this and I screamed "F**K!!" so loud I scared the plants.
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