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Avengers Deleted Scenes! Meta part one.

Avengers deleted scenes are making their way onto the net. I love the ruthlessness of directors to edit films into crisp effective storytelling, and I almost always agree with the cuts. (My favorite version of The Lord of the Rings films are the theatrical releases. They're better storytelling, honest.)

But I still like them in the same way I like fanfiction--seeing what else was in the director's head. I think I'll post little metapieces on each as they get released.

Scene #1: Banner and Security Guard
Why I'm glad they cut it:
-It robs Tony of his glory and the audience of its joy when Bruce does show up for the final battle! Tony's faith that Bruce will show is heart-squeezingly wonderful, and that's where the viewer's POV has to be, with Tony and his hope. We want that fistpump when Bruce arrives. Foreknowledge that Bruce is coming kills that.
Why it's still great to see it:
-Bruce getting life lessons from Harry Dean Stanton's Wise Old Guru Guy. Eee. It could not be sweeter.

Scene #2: Loki & Barton (*cue sonic squeals*)
Why I'm glad they cut it:
-It's talky.
-Selvig is smart enough to get why they need to be messing with the Tesseract somewhere deep and hidden, the Radisson line is petty rather than funny, and Selvig and Barton bickering doesn't win Hawkeye any viewer sympathy.
-Doesn't win Hawkeye viewer sympathy in general, either. What lines were allowed to remain in the scene make him cynical and wry and witty; what was excised made him seem too much like an automaton. Not what the viewer needs. God, I have so much meta to write about that. WHEN CAN I FIND TIME?
-It tells the viewer wayyy too much about Loki's plan. Steve's puzzled why Loki comes quietly in Stuttgart, Fury speculates that Loki seems to be the only one happy to be on the Helicarrier, and the observant viewer will wonder why Loki's still waiting around after Tony, Thor, and Steve have it out in the forest. That's okay, because the good guys are trying to figure it out with us. If we get told this much detail before Loki shows up in Stuttgart, though, then the good guys just look like severe doofuses for not knowing what we've been told. (It's similar to my gripe about the ending of Half-Blood Prince, when the reader's been shown the loyalties of a certain character are not in question, but the hero's left in the dark thinking the character's evil, so the hero unfairly seems like a dolt for not getting it.)
Why it's still great to see it:
-" that why you failed to kill him?" YESSS. How much meta-and-fanfic speculation has been written about Hawkeye aiming for Fury's Kevlar-covered chest and not his head? I love that Whedon never meant to let that stand unanswered. And didn't plan to let Loki allow it to go by, either.
-"It's a risk." "Oh, yes." Loki's SMILE, ye gods. His delight at that prospect. So much characterization in that moment.
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