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Elementary pilot

The pilot of Elementary has leaked; I watched it. Feel "meh" about it.

First...remember my "Matt Damon does zip for me emotionally" a few weeks ago? Yyyyeah, well, thaat's Lucy Liu for me too. So I'm afraid that's #1 on the list of why I won't stick around for more. That's a personal reason and not a critical one.

But the rest is decidedly critical. Nothing else connected with me either. The script doesn't convince me that Sherlock is particularly clever; it just feels like everyone else is ingenuous, unsuspicious, and kinda dumb. Aiden Quinn's character is such a null point here, not showing even the least bit of annoyance with Sherlock's offensive quirkery. I thought that was supposed to be part of the fun, in Sherlock-Lestrade interaction?

The script feels plastic-y and plodding. Nothing seems funny, nothing's zingy. I never even made it as far as considering the dynamics of the Watson-Holmes relationship, because of the fake feeling, slow script. In Sherlock's words, bored.
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