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"Et un globe oculaire."

So since I got the Avengers Blu-Ray/DVD combo on Tuesday, I have watched:

-The Avengers in English.

-The Avengers in English as I joined in the community liveblogging over on be_compromised.

-The Avengers in English with the S.O., with full permission to riff on it--if we could. We knew that probably wasn't going to happen, as it's darned hard to riff something that's funny in the first place. After one half-hearted, "Bring worms," in response to, "The Hawk? In his nest," I pretty much gave up trying to be humorous and we mostly just chorused our favorite lines with the film ("Then put it on the left!"). I also made a point of freezing the film at 38 min. 50 sec. on the pretext of "Hey, let's have cake! While the screen just...sits here. And I...stare at it. While I eat cake." The S.O. indulges me shamefully. Good times.

-The Avengers in French (partly with the S.O.). That was a whole different brand of fun! My French is quite limited, but enough to catch some of the lines and enjoy hearing how they translated ("Juste douze pour cent c'est mon bébé?"). Riffing is more entertaining that way too; every lame "Votre père smelt of elderberries!" joke gets giggles. Great voice casting, too. French Loki has a particularly great timbre. French Tony (while awesome) gets the deep sexy voice that I would have thought French Nick Fury would have got.

-I have not watched any of the Blu-Ray features because I don't have a Blu-Ray player. Grr. Well, at least most of those leaked to the net last month.

-I've seen nearly all of The Avengers Second Screen experience app. (Turns out you don't need a Blu-Ray to sync it; it sound synced quite easily off the DVD.) There are still glitches with some of the video and storyboard frames, but, man, the behind-the-scenes trivia and CGI effect tech are a fan's dream, and I am just making squealy toddlerfists hoping someone is able to upload the "Stunt team enacts the entire fight scene" videos for everyone to experience. They're terrific.

Still haven't let myself wath the Joss Whedon commentary track. I'm pretty sure, based on the few bits I've heard about, that when I do watch it I'll need a box of tissues at my side 'cos I'll be crying with fangirl feels all the way through.

And since you were probably wondering--and as it doubles for an edition of JR: PLR--this is the image at 38 min. 50 sec.

Excuse me while I eat cake.
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