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Plus, fic's my favorite present to give.

So I'm tempted by five separate Avengers exchange fests:

be_compromised: Clint/Natasha

avengers_xchng overall Avengers

clint_hawkeye Clint-centric

starkbanner Tony/Bruce

cc_exchange Clint/Coulson

(Plus Yuletide. Won't forget Yuletide.)

Why am I doing this to myself? I do better with prompt fests--the prompt inspires me to write, not so much the pairing or the list of kinks. And I've been working to get past a stuck place on one unfinished fic for months now. But the minimum limits for exchange fests are usually a thousand words; if I can't churn out six thousand words at minimum by the middle of December I may as well turn in my fandom badge. Plus most of them look as if they have the requesters post prompts. And I do better with deadlines; I always have.

So, yeah, when I'm sobbing in late November about all the fic I'm trying to finish, please pull out your "You did this to yourself" icons and feel free to sneer.
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