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Pumpkin carving time! Avengers pumpkins.

Got started on my Halloween pumpkins early this year. I might do more in this set, but these are the two I most wanted to make.

Did you have any doubts as to the theme this year?

Hulk and Hawkeye. Simple designs, but I fell in love with them. Hulk was easiest, but I adore how its simplicity makes Banner stand out. Hawkeye--the detail on that bow, omigod. But I loved doing it.

I don't know who created this art set--I found it on Tumblr--but as soon as I saw it I knew I wanted it for pumpkin templates.

I had to do the Hawkeye one, of course, but I really do think the Hulk one is the coolest of the set.

So here are the images turned into templates--color bled out, contrast and such adjusted, and inverted where needed:

And here's the pumpkin carvings in regular lighting.

Still early in October; might do more! (There's another photoset that could fit the bill for my Avengers obsession, too. ^_^ )
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