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Thoughts of self-restraint and I don't mean BDSM. How NOVEL.

So, signed up for three of the Avengers holiday exchange fests that I was eyeing: be_compromised(Clint/Natasha), avengers_xchng (overall Avengers), and clint_hawkeye (Clint-centric). I figure that's enough to keep me busy but not doubting my ability to get 'em done. I already have my assignment for Clint/Natasha and am making headway. I did want to sign up for the cc_exchange Clint/Coulson fest, 'cos I still haven't written anything for that pairing and I really enjoy it, but I got intimidated when I read through the fest participants' prompts and realized I would like to read stories for all of 'em but didn't actually want to write most of those prompts. But maybe the Clint-centric and overall Avengers fests will give me the chance. (Plus maybe having multiple projects will let me get back the fic that's sitting at a few thousand words waiting to be finished.)

I'm surprising myself with the thought that I might not actually sign up for Yuletide. I do love Yuletide, but all I really want to focus on is Avengers or my own original fiction right now. I'm thinking I might haunt the prompts on my flist and on the pinch hitters group and look for a specific prompt to grab me, so I can still participate when Yuletide Madness comes around; that's always fun.

Anyone want to lobby me for something? Or share your own fest plans?
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