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Avengers text icon set coming soon

Hey, so, what frivolous and "no one else will care about this crossover but me" project have I been working on for, like, months? I did a crossover of riff lines from MST3K's The Sword and the Dragon with stills from The Avengers (much in the same way I did Sunshine with The Day the Earth Froze a few years ago). It's taken me forever (like labors of love do). I had this one pegged from the git-go, though, just for Little Falcon and his "I've never hit a damn thing, it's astounding!" bow and arrow. Plus I have about twelve different takes on the "It may be the wine, Lars, but you're a pretty man" line, because, duh. I'll put 'em up soon.
Tags: avengers, icons, mst3k
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