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Once Upon a Time EW article: interesting backstory

Entertainment Weekly has a cover story on Once Upon a Time, and in it we learn that the creators had planned one element in the pilot to go quite differently: Charming was gonna stay dead. But they were met with uniform resistance from the network executives: "You cannot do this; you've taken away any chance of this show having a happy ending." The creators thought it had been an edgy, interesting way to go, but when seeing the uniform reaction they reconsidered.

I completely agree with the network executives; it would have utterly altered the tone and the concept--what are they fighting so hard for in this show, if not true love and happy endings?--but having read that, I feel all weird. Like what I'm watching is actually a fix-it fanfic instead of the original vision. Bah. I love this show and I actually squealed in joy when Charming proved to be a comatose John Doe in Storybrooke at the end of the pilot, and the decision was right, I do believe that. But I still feel weird. As though someone thinks an edgy death is somehow "cooler" even if it goes against narrative expectations. Darnit, no.
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