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Halloween, JR:PLR, hell yeah DW deserves my support

Happy Halloween, everybody! I saw some folks in the Northeast U.S. checked in today to say they were okay, and I'm glad. Though it still sounds like there's a lot of power outages and cleanup to be had among you. I hope it goes quickly. *hugs*

In JR: PLR news, Jeremy Renner will be hosting Saturday Night Live on November 17. As one tumblr user has put it, "I'M NOT CRYING IT'S JUST VIOLENTLY RAINING ON MY FACE. LEAVE ME HERE TO DIE."

Without trying to make drama over it, I look at the further changes that appear to be coming to Livejournal and have decided it's time for me to a) give some money to Dreamwidth, b) import my LJ to DW, c) gussy up my DW, and d) start crossposting. I'll stay around LJ as long as it's tolerable, but, yeah. It's time for these measures.
Tags: dreamwidth, jeremy renner professional life ruiner, stuff
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