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Wreck-It Ralph mini-review

Today I saw Wreck-It Ralph. Oh, my goodness, it was wonderful. Non-spoilery teensy review: Going in I thought the premise was terrific, but felt the execution, while enchanting, was not quite up to Disney standards of amazing for about the first twenty minutes; I could predict what was coming and thought, this has to take a left turn soon to get really good. And then it TOOK THAT LEFT TURN and became all kinds of amazing. You would have to watch this film a couple of times to get all the verbal jokes; you could never watch it enough times to get all of the visual jokes. It seemed like every single background shot had something new. (I need, need to be able to play a working version of one of the "side" games that's featured.)

For those of us old enough to remember, they did something darling regarding one of the song artists. More than that I won't say. (I'll spoil it in the comments if you want to know.) I'm off to buy a couple of the songs right now.

And I adored the canon het 'ship! :D
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