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can't use capitals properly, or even spell, fingers shaking as I type, correcting this is a bitch


I know that today Jeremy Renner is supposed to be on the Today Show (I had a bad dream last night that I couldn't get the DVR to work, of course)

And my tv newscast just announced

that today People Magazine is going to announce who they picked as Sexiest Man Alive

and guys guys I know this is probably not Jeremy's year; it's probably going to Tatum Channing or whatever the hell his name is

but guys guys

for one hour this morning, just let me dreeeeeeeeaaaaaaaam.

*lies on floor and sobs a little*

ETA: omigod, the show has started and they haven't said anything about him being on the show
they just showed the magazine with a silhouette of the person; it fits his body type and hairstyle, aaaaaaaaagh
you guys are going to laugh at me so hard when it's not him, aren't you. duncare.

ETA again: just, walking away from this whole hope right now because everything just keeps escalating. Am assuming it will be Tating Chanum and reassuring all my JR pictures he's still my number one celeb. *smooches*
Tags: jeremy renner professional life ruiner
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