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Television Update, idle thoughts.

Game of Thrones: I finally gave in and read A Dance With Dragons even though I was trying to save it, because I couldn't allow myself to read anything marked for spoilers even if those spoilers might only be revealing stuff in the show or this season. Was afraid it might reveal things in ADWD, so, I went ahead. I think the show is compressing things admirably while making some of the books' Moments of Awesome even more awesome. This is very likely my favorite show on television at present.

Hannibal: It should go without saying, never watch Hannibal while eating. I like the show; the "is this a dream or is actually happening?" element is jarring, though, because you honestly cannot tell. They are going for the freakiest of serial murder premises/leitmotifs/dioramas imaginable. This article by Aja Romano delighted me about how the 'ship wars on this one are just insane, because "of course you can 'ship a fleshthirsty psychopath, but god forbid you should make him gay" is just too hilarious. (I see where all the Grahamibal is coming from, though. I'd even read it.)

Doctor Who: Back when Moffat wrote the occasional Doctor Who episodes, the Moffat "filler" episodes were my favorites. Now Moffat writes the story arc episodes, and now I love Moffat arc episodes and get bored with the filler ones that he doesn't write. It's strange, because I used to enjoy the arc episodes for being arc episodes and the filler were top-notch, but now the filler ones don't feel top-notch to me any longer.

Still watching (and enjoying) Once Upon a Time, Revenge, Arrow, and Glee.

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