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Fanart in the BIGGEST way!

This one has me too excited for words. The splendid JOdel, who is the proprietor of Red Hen Publications, a project which renders the artist's fanfiction and original fiction picks into pdf files that feature cool-fab-neato graphics, asked to do this treatment for my fic Love's Appalling Adverbs, which is my "Hermione writes a terrible Mary-Sue style romance as a result of her newfound Snape-crush" story. IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!!

First off, here is the COVER!!!

(Eee! Parody romance-novel style Snape/Hermione! I could eat him up! And oh, the element of the composition book with "Divination" crossed out! And the font, oh, and everything!!!)

If you'd like to see the whole work, with the clever use of different fonts for the "handwritten" portions of the text, and the notebook-style pages, right down to the coffee stain on the back page (!), then take the link down below to JOdell's Publications page. (She wishes everyone to see the disclaimers, so I won't directly link to the story.) From there, go to "Fiction," then to "Fanfiction," then to "Harry Potter" (with me so far? This is all the logical part) and then, Love's Appalling Adverbs can be found under the "Roads Not Taken" category (the one about alternative adventures in books 4, 5, 6, and 7).

Start with this link here.

(Oh, and if you'd like a desktop-sized version of the coverart, go to and you can see both the smaller and larger versions of it.)
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