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Re-explaining why, no, I do not think Empire was the best of the freakin' original trilogy.

Finally sat down to read Entertainment Weekly's big ol' cover-story interview with Joss Whedon--I haven't even finished reading it and I had to stop to type this: Joss says exactly what I've been lamenting for all these years:

JW: ...Empire committed the cardinal sin of not actually ending. Which at the time I was appalled by, and I still think it was a terrible idea.

EW: You think The Empire Strikes Back had a bad ending?

JW: Well, it's not an ending. It's a come-back-next-week, or in three years. That upsets me. I go to movies expecting to have a whole experience. If I want a movie that doesn't end, I'll go to a French movie. A movie has to be complete within itself; it can't just build off the first one or play variations.

*falls into sobbing puddle, pointing at this exchange and crying, "THIS, THIS, THIS, ALL MY LIFE, OH MY GOD, THIS."*

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